Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Harvard Business School + McKinsey & Company: What is the Connection? Is the connection still strong? Are they a powerful pair?

  • Laurel & Hardy
  • Ben & Jerry
  • Tom & Jerry
See how the 2 names are always taken together? They are almost inseparable, ha ha. During the MBA, I discovered some more pairings - powerful pairings, as below:
  • Goldman Sachs & the US government.
  • Harvard Business School & McKinsey & Company. 
Do some Google searches and you will know about the connections. Regarding HBS and McKinsey, this is wonderful sentence I read recently, from a very nice book about Management Consultants called as "The House of Lies" - by Martin Khin. The sentence goes something like this:
  • It is not true that Harvard & McKinsey control all of American economy
  • That is false - simply because that is an old myth. The truth is...
  • Harvard & McKinsey control the world economy!  

Gerry Som. 

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