Sunday, October 14, 2012

VERY inspiring poem by Evel Kneivel

From the link:

Poetry with the title: Why?


Every where in this world that I go,
No matter who or what I know,
The people, they look, 

Most of them stare,
I wonder if they even care

They see this cane with it's golden crown,
Some of them smile, but most of them frown.

I hear them laugh, and see them cry,
No matter what,
They all ask why?

Well, i'm just like you, and you,
and you, and your wife,
We have a special purpose in life.
This way of life, i'm glad that i found,
For like you, i too, make the world go round.

We're all alike,
Oh yes we are,
We all have a dream on some faraway star

For when it is over and done at the end of the day,
Some can relax, but i go to pray.
For i know that tomorrow in some other place,
I'll have that fear again to face.

Could it be the quest for money and fame,
Oh no,
To play with my life is not much of a game.

It's a want- a want that's so dear,
It's given me faith,
I can face the fear

Oh yes, I do think about a day
In life when fate came along and struck my way.

Each time I was hurt, they all said,
The guy is lucky that he's not dead.

They were right.
But i wanted to get up

To try it again,
I kept telling myself that I knew I could win,
So I'd close my eyes, and to the lord I'd pray,
Oh, help me God, let me walk some day

And he did.
Every stitch on every scar
Has just brought me closer to my dream afar.

To be a man,
And to do my best,
To stand alone is my only quest.

Success is a term that has a broad use,
For and I to have none in life - there is no excuse.

For you, to do what I do, is not right-
But, for me, it's not wrong
What I've been trying to tell you all along
Is that it's got to be.

So, you wonder why?
The answer to that is just like you,

I've got to be me...

- Evel Knievel. (1938-2007)

(Listen to the poem in the video below... So, so, so beautiful!)

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