Sunday, October 14, 2012

What can MBAs / Business students learn from the Red Bull story?

So Red Bull is in the news again. Here is a question: What can MBAs learn from the Red Bull story? Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Red bull story has similarities to the Coco-Cola story
  • It is not just about the drink, it is about the Marketing
  • Spend significantly on advertising
  • Keep control of the company
  • Don't go public if you do not need to
  • Going public will get you money and make you an instant billionaire, but you can lose your pants anytime. Plus it will create new tensions from investors that can make you take your eye off the ball - creating good products
  • Keep a low personal profile, but keep a high company profile
  • Make decisions to build a good company, not to make money
  • Keep marketing under your own control
  • Don't believe in the naysayers and the haters
  • Keep a steady course, and you will succeed
  • Success does not happen in an instant - these things take time. Have patience
  • Keep the brand in the news - do whatever it takes
  • Never stop reinventing and trying new things, but keep an eye on market demand
  • Red Bull is the opposite of the Apple story - but it is a different type of product
  • More later...

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