Sunday, November 25, 2012

10 things they don't tell you in business school

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Interesting read! Please read the complete article from the link above.

10 things they don't tell you in Business School:
  1. If It Ain’t Broke, Still Fix It
  2. If You Don’t End Up Working At Goldman Sachs, Forget What You Learned About Finance
  3. Take Your Financial Models With An Indiana-Jones-Sized Boulder Of Salt
  4. Over-promise And Try To Deliver
  5. If You Don’t Know Who The Sucker Is, It’s You
  6. If No One “Owns” A Project, It Won’t Get Done
  7. Be Clear
  8. Business Involves People
  9. Read Forbes etc
  10. Entrepreneurship Better Be A Labor Of Love (At Least At First)

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