Sunday, November 18, 2012

About Learning Finance During MBA + Useful Sites for Free Videos for MBA Finance Learning

Learning Finance during the MBA is like learning how to swim. If you do not jump into the water and try, you will not learn it. Alternatively, it is like learning how to ride a bicycle. If you do not hop on a bicycle, you will not learn how to ride it. Yes, you may not float in the beginning when you are trying to swim / you may fall off the bicycle when you are learning to ride, but eventually, you will learn how to do it :) Same thing with Accounting and Finance. If you do not practice Lyryx problems ( / textbook problems and read the textbook / class notes, you will not learn about it. (Nah, not being preachy here. Just sharing my experiences). Climbing the learning curve can be PITA (Pain In the Arse), but once you do cross the curve, it is sooooo much fun, JLT (Just Like That!).

Here are some good sites to learn about Finance through free videos (Videos are VERY effective for learning, eh?):

To repeat, the good sites are:
  • Arif Irfanullah
  • MBA Bullshit
  • Khan Academy
  • Teach Me Finance
  • Investopedia
  • Lets Learn Finance

Will post links to more useful sites soon. Do you know of any good sites? Please comment below.