Friday, November 16, 2012

Bloomberg Billionaire Index: 3 lessons learnt from trends in 2012

From the link:

3 lessons that can be learnt by watching trends of billionaires in 2012:
  1. ONE COMPANY (Not portfolio): "Billionaires do not become billionaires by getting into a diversified mutual fund or investing in an ETF or investing in the S&P Index Fund -- You get rich by building equity in a very concentrated position that is typically one big company."
  2. RETAIL: Most billionaires are also in the retail or commodity industries. Retail is a huge presence. 26 billionaires on the list started their careers in retail.
  3. TECHNOLOGY & FAMILY BUSINESS: Twenty-two billionaires on the list have made their fortunes in technology, and 14 are a part of a family business.

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