Monday, November 12, 2012

USA: Upper House & Lower House of State Legislatures

From the link:

In 49 out of 50 states, there are 2 chambers in the State: Upper House (chamber) and Lower House (chamber), except in Nebraska, which has only 1 chamber (called as Senate). Each state has a Governor (the highest executive in that state)

The Upper House is called as the Senate

The Lower House is called (by different names in different states) as follows:

  • House of Representatives (in 40 of the 49 states) or
  • House of Delegates or
  • State Assembly or
  • Assembly or
  • General Assembly
Apart from the Governor at the top of the executive, states may also have other heads serving next to the Governor (and in some cases directly elected by people) like:
  • Lieutenant governor (often on a joint ticket with the governor)
  • Attorney general
  • Secretary of state
  • Auditors (or comptrollers or controllers)
  • Treasurer
  • Commissioner of agriculture
  • Commissioner of education.

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