Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why did Obama win the 2012 election? Why did Romney lose the 2012 election? Quick thoughts from an MBA candidate...

Here are some quick thoughts about why Obama won the 2012 election and why Romney lost the 2012 election?
  • 1 Man = 1 vote
  • Hurricane Sandy relief well handled
  • Excellent campaign team
  • Vice President Joe Biden
  • Likability of Obama
  • Bill Clinton's support for Obama
  • Strong performance in debates (2nd and 3rd)
  • Bin laden killed
  • Auto industry bail out
  • Obamacare
  • Obama is an excellent speaker and debater (not many like him on the world stage / public) 
  • Support and empathy for gay rights
  • Support and empathy for women's rights
  • Support for minorities
  • Support for children of illegal immigrants born in USA
  • The Great Recession of 2008 prevented from becoming the Great Depression-2
  • Support from international community
  • Stupid comments from people like Todd Akin, Mourdock about women
  • Excellent use of social media strategy to reach voters
  • Excellent voter registration and motivation + mobilization
  • George Bush legacy looming in the background
  • Use of experience from 2008 election - Headstart
  • Existing team that built on its strength
  • Axelrod rocks
  • Good family image of Obama as a loving father and husband
  • Clean record of Obama - lack of skeletons in the closets
  • Popularity of Obama - well marketed image
  • Connection with the common man on the street - people feel he is one of them
  • Romney's lack of transparency - tax returns not released
  • Paul Ryan's enthusiasm to destroy social safety net and privatize 
  • Reducing enthusiasm for Conservative value and right wing ideologies
  • Poor image of corporations among general public
  • More soon...
In summary, Obama's team ran the campaign like a well managed business. This is how I rate it:
Marketing - Excellent
Operations - Excellent
Finance - Very Good
Accounting & Transparency - Good
Strategy - Very Good
Economic issues - Average
Supply Chain / Distribution - Good
Human Resources Management - Good
Ethics - Good
Social Responsibility - Excellent
Sustainability - Very Good
Overall - Very Good
Final Grade Regarding Election Campaigning: Very Good

OUTCOME: Victory in elections !!!

This was written by me and is my personal opinion only. I am just a social spectator...

Before signing off, the geographical map does not do justice to the election results. The population map as below is more accurate. The blue zones are Democrat heavy regions, while the red ones are Republican-rich. Apparently, the younger votes (those below 30), minorities and women voted heavily for Obama, while the older voters (white males in the south) voted heavily for Romney. What remains to be seen is how will this change with time? Is trickle down philosphy and conservatism dying a slow death?...

Do you also notice that the coastline is mostly blue and interiors are red? Is this because the coastal areas are heavy with recent immigrants and have a mixed demography, while the interiors do not have that much of an exposure to the new immigrants? Food for thought...


Gerry Som. 
MBA candidate 2012
Ryerson University,
Toronto, ON, Canada. 

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