Sunday, December 9, 2012

Last day of MBA tomorrow ---> Managerial Accounting and Finance Final Exam

Okay, so that day is finally here! Time to prepare my bag, sharpen my pencils, put in a bunch of pens into my bag, read the textbook, class slides, and class notes, practice a few problems, and get ready for my final exam tomorrow in Managerial Accounting and Finance (MB8109, Ryerson University).

Here is hoping that my exam goes well tomorrow. This is my final requirement to graduate from the MBA program :) I have completed my poster presentation and MRP report finally.
Will write a long blog after I am all done, summarizing my MBA experience. Will probably look to publish it on some well known MBA website (any takers? :) It has been a fun ride, and I have enjoyed the MBA experience.
I had a job interview recently, and the firm wanted a candidate who is an expert in Financial Modeling. Guess what, my lovelies (readers of this blog). An MBA is expected to be a rockstar in MS Excel and Financial modeling these days... So you better work your arse off, okay, lol. No excuses, ha ha. As soon as I am done with my program, I am going to work towards perfecting all there is, about to become an expert on Advanced Financial Modeling (I know the basics right now). There is NOTHING that one human being can do that another can not do or attempt to do with all sincerity. Don't be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task ahead of you. If others can do it, SO CAN YOU !!!
The more you study ---> The better you get ---> The more you enjoy studying ---> The easier it gets ---> The more confident you become ---> The better you get once again (incremental gains at the margin). Keep repeating the process for ever... Get better with every single passing day.
These incremental gains will make you a better person, and a better MBA graduate. Remember, the learning NEVER ends. An MBA student is a student for LIFE, my lovelies!
Okay, time to get back to studying now.
Gerry Som.
MBA candidate 2012.
Toronto, ON, Canada.

Update on 10th December 2012 at 2 PM:
  • Exam over! MBA requirements completed!
  • Results will be declared on 25 December 2012 morning.

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