Sunday, December 2, 2012

PhD in Policy / Strategic Management at Schulich School of Business, York University

At present, Ryerson University has only 1 business management related PhD program - this is in the field of International Economics and Finance. This can be / is usually combined with a MA in International Economics and Finance - MA is followed by PhD. Details at the link:

There are many universities that offer PhD in Business Management - these include University of Toronto, McMaster University, Western, York, and so on. My personal topics of interest are Economics and Business Strategy. However, it is said that Economics PhD is not an easy one to pursue - one has to have very good Math skills, and Statistics skills - one has to be a superstar and not just good at Math. On the other hand, Strategy is not that hard compared to Economics for PhD.

The other interesting option is PhD in Policy / Strategic Management from York University (Schulich School of Business). Details available at the link:

Some info has been reporduced below:

The field of strategic management is concerned with understanding the sources of firms’ success and failure as a prerequisite for improving their performance. Strategy is viewed as an important determinant of organizational success. The field draws from a variety of intellectual disciplines such as economics, sociology, psychology, and biology. It combines and complements other business specialties such as operations, marketing, finance, information technology, and human resources. The field is also distinct from other areas of study in its focus on major business goals, the definition of a firm’s scope of business, the search for sustainable competitive advantage, and the adoption of an integrative, top management perspective.
The PhD Program
The PhD Program in Strategic Management at Schulich is offered by the Policy and Strategic Management Area at the Schulich School of Business, York University and coordinated with the School’s PhD program director. Faculty members in the Area explore many interests within the broad area of policy and strategic management and are active in a wide range of research projects. Key areas of research are international management, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, entrepreneurship and technological innovation, corporate governance, and strategy processes. The faculty members share an interest in addressing important policy issues in an intellectually open environment and their work reflects the School’s distinctive innovative, global and diverse culture. Throughout their program, students have many opportunities to collaborate with their peers as well as a large group of internationally known researchers from within the broad field of strategic management and other areas of research within Schulich. Faculty members in the Policy area at Schulich are highly regarded in their areas of specialization and regularly publish in the top journal of the field, such as Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science and Journal of International Business Studies, among others. York University and the Toronto area provide additional access to high caliber faculty and great research opportunities.
The program is designed to develop the content knowledge and methodological skills necessary for a student to become a successful and productive scholar. Coursework and associated activities help students cultivate the values of research excellence and intellectual curiosity that are essential for their careers. Students are expected to engage actively in research projects throughout their entire graduate program.
The program of study consists of coursework, a research colloquium, and a research paper, followed by comprehensive exams and the dissertation. Throughout the first two years of the program, students are required to take a minimum of 12 courses:
  • 6 methods courses
  • 2 strategy foundation courses
  • 3 courses from the following four:
  • Strategy elective I
  • Strategy elective II
  • Organization theory
  • Organizational behavior
  • 1 specialization elective (anticipated to be from outside the Schulich School of Business)
In addition, students are required to participate in the departmental research seminar series. By the end of the second year (24 months) students are also expected to have fulfilled the research paper requirement and passed their comprehensive exams.