Sunday, December 16, 2012

Positioning Yourself Right is Important for Success in Career - Sometimes, you get what you ASK for, not just what you deserve ;)

Ask for spectacular success, and you may GET spectacular success. Ask for moderate success, and you may end up getting the same.

In other words,
  • ARTICULATE what you want
  • STICK TO what you want, and
  • CHASE what you want...

As far as I know, there is NO LAW against being too ambitious ! No, not for a nice person like you :)

One of the most important things to do while applying for a job is to position yourself right. And this positioning should match your expectations in terms of salary, benefits and perks.

If you are expecting a high salary package, you have to position yourself as someone who is worthy of it, and is suitable for the role. You have to portray the confidence and the skills to get things done. You have to not only look in the right direction, and at the right places, but also position yourself as someone willing to head in that direction, and prepared for the same.

I have decided to position myself as a candidate worthy of a six figure salary now on. I am going to chase $100,000 a year salary. Why? Coz I am worth it - A medical doctor with an MBA (ok, that is my positioning, lol :)

So what changed, all of a sudden, you may ask? Why the hike in expected salary?
  • I have started looking for openings in USA as well. The US is a job bigger market. Way bigger than Canada. The business school from where I graduated is AACSB accredited. That means it is recognized in USA as well. My Canadian citizenship will allow me to apply for a TN visa. So I should be good to work for an American company.
  • Details of a TN visa are here:
  • Another thing I realized is that I am now 38 years old. Which means that I am 22 years away from retirement (if I plan to retire at the age of 60). Which means that I have to start saving up and to save big money, I need to earn big money first, ha ha.
  • With age came experience. I have a lot of worldly experience that I can out to good use in any job that I am involved in. So that should help as well...
The good thing for me is that the Healthcare Management Industry is WAY BIGGER in USA than in Canada. And that suits me perfectly. I would love to contribute my efforts and knoelwdge to improve healthcare in USA.


Here are 10 ways to position yourself properly for job or career success:

From the link:

  1. IN YOUR MIND: The way you see yourself will shape the way others see you. The way you think about yourself determines how you do everything. It affects the way you prospect, the way you interview, the way you present, the way you close, the way you manage your time - it shapes everything you do. As a result, people will see you the way you perceive yourself.
  2. YOUR ATTITUDE: Some people walk into a room and say, "Here I am!" Other people walk into a room and say "Ah, there you are!" The difference is whether we are self-centered or client-centered; whether we are ego-driven or value-driven. Our attitudes toward our clients and prospects will always show up in the way we treat people. And, more than any other single factor, the way we treat others will determine the way they respond to us.
  3. YOUR APPEARANCE: First impressions get set in stone very quickly. And, like it or not, the way you look is the most important factor in shaping those first and lasting impressions. All you have to do to see how vital good appearance is, is to reflect upon your own reactions to people you meet. Don't you pay more attention to people who look important than you do to people who look sloppy? Most crucial, your prospects judge your importance by the way you look.
  4. YOUR ACTIONS: Your prospects determine your importance, your intentions, your reliability - and many other critical factors - by watching everything you do.
  5. YOUR WORDS: Every word you say positions you either as a person to be considered important or as someone to be dismissed as quickly as possible.
  6. YOUR FOCUS: The most pressing question on your prospect's mind is always, "What's in it for me?" The real pros position themselves as consultants and business partners to their clients. They always keep the focus precisely where it belongs - on the client, not on themselves or their products.
  7. YOUR PRESENTATION: The way you go about setting up and making your presentation says a lot to prospects about how important it is to listen to you.
  8. THE WAY YOU HANDLE OBJECTIONS: Amateurs see objections as excuses for not buying or as invitations to do battle. But real pros recognize that objections show a prospect's legitimate concerns - issues which must be cleared up before the prospect will make a decision to buy.
  9. THE WAY YOU CLOSE: The way you ask for an assignment can position you as a true professional with an offer which provides value for the prospect. Or the way you close can make it look like you're an amateur who's trying to get a prospect to do you a favor. The difference is tremendous.
  10. THE WAY YOU FOLLOW-UP: One of the most vital factors in positioning yourself as a professional is what you do once a sale has been made. Professionalism involves developing a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with every client. It's turning one-time customers into clients who view you as a valuable resource in your area of expertise.


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