Thursday, December 13, 2012

Price Check Movie (2012) ---> Good movie for Marketing geeks

This is an interesting movie for Marketing geeks. Here are the strategies used by the executive to make money:
  • Step 1: Fire the guy making the highest salary and doing the least work
  • Step 2: Use the excess money to promote a younger hardworking office member and win his loyalty
  • Step 3: Get new strategies from a consulting firm
  • Step 4: Convince the top management in the head office to implement new strategies
  • Step 5: Overwork the team to meet deadlines and fulfil strategies
  • Step 6: Get rid of competition by hook or crook 
  • Step 7: Get promoted to a bigger salary and bigger position!
It is a funny movie, but it is true that such things do happen in real life...

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