Friday, December 21, 2012

Useful Information about StartUp companies + StartUp jobs for MBAs

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StartUp companies
Information about StartUp companies and StartUp jobs. A good website. New MBAs are on the look out for jobs, and are interested in new companies and launches. There are special privileges about being part of a new company. Is it not true that a lot of initial employees of Google, Apple, Facebook and so on, especially those who got stock options are doing very well today?

Here is some more information about StartUp companies:

7 MISCONCEPTIONS about StartUp companies from the link:

  1. A StartUp will make you rich
  2. The actual valuation of the startup is several times the official value
  3. If you join a StartUp early, you are a shoein for executive positions
  4. In StartUps, there is no boss
  5. Engineers / professionals in StartUps will change the world
  6. If You work in a StartUp, you can be founder of your own new company in the future
  7. You will learn more in a StartUp
Advantages and Disadvantages of working in StartUp companies. From the link:

StartUp job Advantages
  1. Personal fulfilment - you are in charge of a baby
  2. Master of your own destiny. No climbing the greasy corporate pole.
  3. Excitement: Thinking on your feet, sharpening skills and flying into new territory
  4. Jack of all trades: Good overall CEO type knowledge gain. Small teams with undefined job roles, shortage of cash --> you’ll need to get involved in all aspects of the business.
  5. More fun.
Disadvantages of Start-up jobs
  1. Can be scary at times. High risk of failure. No guarantee of success.
  2. More work, and a lot of hard work. You have to do your own work. No one will do it for you.
  3. Low pay and 12-hour work everyday is notmal. It is easy to lose hope and give up.
StartUp company versus Big Company Job: How do they compare? From the link:

  1. Responsibility, Accountability, Impact
  2. Risk
  3. Opportunity for generalists
  4. Ownership and Leadership
  5. Transparency
  6. Company culture
  7. Hiring
  8. Financial Incentive
  9. Politics
  10. Being part of something bigger than you
5 Signs that a StartUp is likely to succeed (Try to find a job in a company like this, new MBA! And make sure to get a lot of stock options!): From the link:
  1. Has validated customers
  2. Shows a strategic perspective
  3. Is cash conservative
  4. Operates with transparency
  5. Communication

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