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8 self assessment questions while job hunting in 2013

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You Don’t Need Willpower – You Need Strategy

8 self assessment questions while job hunting:

1) I know what problems I solve that companies will pay good money for.
2) I can share who I am and what I want to do in 3 sentences or less.
3) I know 10 companies in my area that need my brand of expertise.
4) I have a clear networking plan to connect with at least 5 people at each of these companies.
5) My resume and LinkedIn profile are optimized, focused and error-proof.
6) My cover letter strategy is going to get them at “hello.”
7) I have completed interview prep and am up-to-speed on behavioral interviewing.
8) I understand how to leverage informational interviewing to uncover hidden job opportunities and to get referred into competitive positions.

Apart from the article above, I found some interesting comments by users. They are as below:

9) I am prepared to record and track my applications and submissions using a simple spreadsheet You track metrics and data for your sales, proposals or logistics purposes. Why aren't you doing the same for your job search? How many career sites have you registered with and what are the usernames and passwords? How many direct résumé submissions have you done and for whom? Keep this spreadsheet open at all times during your job search and input data for each step you take. By doing so, you'll know when to follow up, what key areas you've missed and what jobs to "close". Lastly; once per week, perform a formal review with someone...anyone (I prefer my wife because she won't pull punches). By receiving input from a related source, you are no longer alone in your search as many feel they are AND you will have unbiased input on jobs that might or might not suit you.
This is psychobabble. The way to get a job is jumping the gatekeepers in HR and finding the boss who has the vacancy. He or she are the only people who can make it happen. We are raising a generation of college graduates who study "buzz-words" the HR scanning machine wants to read and think about cover letters as if they are Freudian riddles. What will they do once they have the job and they have to produce, not hype? HR professsionals are part of the problem. Resume coaches are the other. They both create paranoia.
In today's current employment/economic environment, there are way too many people sitting on the sidelines. To use a sports metaphor, if you are on the bench, be ready to go into the game when they call your number. Staying in tune to what's happening and being mentally prepared for employment, gives you the edge you need to advance in your career. Whether that's furthering your education, honing your skills, and becoming more proficient with social media, now is time time to map out your game play, so that when they call your number, you'll be ready to take advantages of any opportunities that come your way.
Headhunters hunt for heads...not for jobs....
All of this sounds good in theory. But, jobs are a thing of the past. Start your own business. If people put the same effort into starting a business, as they did in job search, they would be far better off. Why would you worry about trying to impress some HR manager? They are going to interview dozens of people, and it will come down to : who had the cutest resume. Draw up a business plan and pitch it to business owners.

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