Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Business Etiquette is very important for MBA students

I am going to dedicate a few blog posts to Business Etiquette for MBA students.

Why are these important? These can make or break your career.

This is especially true for immigrant MBA students or graduates in Canada. We come to Canada from diferent parts of the world, and try to assimilate into the culture here. We bring with us our own sets of beliefs, attitudes, cultures, and values. Each is different in his or her own way. That is called as diversity (and inclusion -- when companies accept diversity).

However, we are expected to have a certain basic common code of conduct in a professional setting. For that, we have to learn as well as unlearn. These videos, and some of the posts that I will present soon, will help.


Gerry Som.
Ryerson MBA.
Toronto, ON, Canada.

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