Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Finding the right career fit -- after you have tested the waters + 2013 seems better than 2012 (hiring wise, in Canada).

After having applied to a whole lot of jobs, the feedback from the market has been as follows, for me personally, in the past few months:
  • I got responses for jobs related to Business Development
  • I got responses for jobs that deal with people skills
  • I got responses for jobs with sales and revenue growth
I think I am going to stick to these types of positions for now -- since that is what the market wants. Hey, the market is king! Can not argue with that.

I have modified my LinkedIn profile (available at www.gerrysom.com) and resume accordingly. Fingers crossed.

The good thing is that January month is showing signs of life, and hiring seems stronger than last year, across the sectors. 2013 sure seems better than 2012 w.r.t job market -- and I say this from personal experience, not by reading media reports.

Can't wait to start my job soon, and deliver excellent performance...

Gerry .

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