Friday, January 25, 2013

Lessons for MBAs from the movie Moneyball

From the link:

  1. Spot / find the right talent
  2. Identify the fundamental problem and solve it
  3. Think different
  4. Experience is over-rated
  5. Don't just get employees, get winners
  6. Do one thing at a time
  7. Ignore quirky personal traits -- look at the abilities of the person
  8. Anything worth doing is worth dying for / fighting for
  9. Have some patience, don't judge too early
  10. Small perks make employees very happy
  11. Show people you are good / you are right by actions, not just words
  12. You can not convince everyone about your ideas
  13. Present performance matters more than past performance
  14. Recruit on potential, reward on performance
  15. Play / fight to win, to be the 1st, not to be 2nd
  16. Don't blindly copy the competition
  17. Don't base all your strategy customized to a competition
  18. You can change the game / change the world -- it is possible
Read the full article from the original link above. It has been presented in a very interesting manner :)

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