Saturday, June 22, 2013

Half a Million Young Canadians (15 to 24) are IDLE right now (no jobs or no ongoing schooling)

From the link:

This is a beautiful report very clearly depicting the realities of the job market today:

Young Canadians are at risk of chronic unemployment as growing numbers are graduating well-educated, but with no work experience, a CIBC report suggests. About 420,000 youth aged 15 to 24 — or nearly one in 10 young Canadians — are neither employed nor enrolled in school, the report found. The economic reality for young Canadians today is very different than that of previous generations, said CIBC deputy chief economist Benjamin Tal, the report's author. "They are basically on the sidelines doing nothing," he said in an interview. "They will not be able to penetrate this very competitive labour market." In a market where previous experience is essential, youth aren't able to find the summer jobs and part-time work required to build a resume, Tal said. "Now, while more education is positive, increasingly, students are completing their education without any work experience and are more likely to be caught in the no job–no experience, and no experience–no job cycle," he said in the report.

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