Saturday, September 28, 2013

Demand for the MBA degree FALLS in India in 2013 / MBA degree falls from grace and demand in India in 2013

From the link:

Demand for the MBA degree FALLS in India in 2013 (reflected by lower applicants for the CAT test -- Common Admission Test for MBA in India, similar to GMAT).

Reasons? MBA degree has fallen from grace in the backdrop of: 
(a) Dull economy 
(b) Escalating costs 
(c) Uncertain placements and 
(d) Increase in supply of MBAs due to mushrooming new business schools. 

Graduate degree in Engineering is in demand. 

LESSON learned: It is NOT enough to be a Manager / MBA alone. It is important to have current technical skills (in fields like engineering / technology / health / media / other) ALONG with MBA. Not every one can become a manager as not everyone will be hired. The people who have greater chances of being hired are those who are a cultural fit, those who have connections, those who have recommendations and those who have outstanding resumes, grades or specialized experiences in urgent demand at that moment. Otherwise, if you are average as an MBA, there is no guarantee of a managerial job as a new MBA. What to do? Scan the job market. Find out what jobs are in demand. Get training in high demand areas, apart from having an MBA. And this goes without saying --  become VERY VERY computer savvy. It will come in handy, in the long run. You are competing not only against your peers, but also against the next generation -- Generation Y and coming Generation Z!

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