Tuesday, September 14, 2010

13th Sep, 2010: 1st day of MBA class!

Today, we had 3 sessions:-

1) Library orientation class for 1 hour.
Sadly, I missed this class. But will update it using info from friends.

2) Brian Segal "Coffee with a CEO" event.
This was awesome! Brian Segal is such a capable CEO and has done wonders in the past on his job. It was very kind of him to share his experiences with us new MBA students.

3) Strategic Management class by Dale Carl.
Very interesting session. At the beginning, all the students got to introduce themselves to the rest of the class. Then, Prof. Dale Carl talked about his life experiences. This Prof. is a genius! He has been to 80 countries and has a dozen degrees (ok, half a dozen)!

Then, we were all divided into batches of 4 each and asked to prepare for MBA case presentation as a group. Assignments have begun already. So much fun! The final thing is that there was announcement that we shall have MBA elections soon. I have decided not to participate. I need to focus on education. Need to get good grades and good job, after MBA. Plus I have a part time job to attend to. No student politics for me!

Ok, that's it for today. Am sleepy. Am gonna hit the sack. Cheers!

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