Sunday, September 19, 2010

Impression of the MBA program on a weekly basis

1st WEEK:
My first week was chaotic - I had so much to adjust to, and quickly. It was information overload - too much, too soon. Had a lot to adjust to. Was not easy. The problem also is that I have not received OSAP funding. Plus I live in Hamilton, ON and have a 1 hour ride everyday to Toronto. I have never studied in Canada before. This system is totally new to me. I had so many faces / names to remember and was trying hard to belong into the crowd. I did not have a laptop with me. I did not have internet connection at home in Hamilton. I did not have any textbooks. Actually, I did not even know the names of the text books. I attended 2 wrong classes - each class being 3 hours long. And I missed 1 right class that I was supposed to attend. I did not have all of the course outlines. I did not know what is scheduled for when. I just followed the crowd - the herd and did what others did. But one thing is for sure - I was very active when it came to class participation. I did make a lot of friends and got introduced to a lot of people. I did get introduced to all my Professors.

First week was bittersweet. But I did have SO MUCH FUN going through it ! :)

2nd WEEK:
The second week was better - I was still getting used to the program. By the end of 2nd week, we had an Accounting test - and that signalled that the honeymoon is officially over! Its time to work towards the term exams already!

By the end of the 2nd week, I got better organized and feel more confident now. Bought 2 text books. Got to know the names of text books. Printed out course outlines.

3rd WEEK:
Third week was better. I have a calendar now - digital as well as paper. I actually started studying my subjects now. I got better with managing assignments. Became more serious and sported a more professional MBA student attitude. Hopefully, things shall get better now on !

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