Monday, October 18, 2010

Am I good enough for my School? THAT should be the real question!

I got an email yesterday from a prospective student from South Asia who was asking me for advice regarding the MBA program at TRSM (I get a lot of emails from people all over the world, asking me about MBA programs in Canada, thanks to my blogs). He asked me "Is the Ryerson MBA good enough for me to join?" In one word, Yes.

I think this would be the best answer that I could give him: "The Ryerson MBA is great. I can guarantee that it shall give you everything that you want in an MBA program. But  after a while, you begin to ask yourself the question Am I good enough for the program?"

The MBA program is what you can make of it. You are the CEO of your destiny. And it is upto you to utilize the MBA program to your best advantage. The Ryerson MBA gives you ALL the tools that you need to succeed. But I dare anyone if he or she is able to even utilize all the tools. What I mean by this is that even though there are so many benefits, info sessions, seminars, guest lectures, job fairs and so on conducted by the TRSM MBA, I can not myself find the time to attend all of them. I am infact missing out on so many goodies - when I wish that I could have attended them. And then, what gives me the right to judge a program when I myself am not living upto all that the school has to offer?.(Practically, though, its just not possible to do everything - Cmon, we are just human, not super human to do so much at once!)

I think henceforth, I shall stop asking the question "Is the school good enough for me?". I shall start asking myself "Am I good enough for the school?". This realization took a while, but I am not perfect. And there are tons and tons of people out there even better. But you do not give up. You keep on working and doing your best. Ultimately, it is not how many marks you get or what grade, but how you apply your knowledge in the real world and succeed!

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