Monday, October 18, 2010

The stress is getting to me, while doing the MBA...

This is just the 2nd month now, and it feels like eternity! I feel that I am sinking in the sea of work that comes my way!

Life is becoming a routine and the stress is getting to me. Its same old, same old, everyday. There is a quite a lot fo work. In the beginning, it was like "Oh, its no problem, I can manage" and I typed off, without paying too much attention. MBA is so damn easy, I thought! But then, I realised that in ordeer to get better grades, it is not enough to just put in some minimal energy and input. You have to put in a LOT of energy.

And that is what is making life even more difficult. Its not easy to keep up with everything. I feel that I do not have free time for myself anymore. So, for now, I struggle with my MBA program and give it my best shot. In the beginning, I was all excited like "Yay, I am going to get A+ in all courses". But now, I feel that it humanly impossible or extremely difficult to get A+ in all MBA subjects. Hats off, if someone has done that already.

Meanwhile, I am trying to find more efficient ways to go through life. Perhaps I need to apply the Toyota Principles to all this!

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