Friday, October 1, 2010

MBA party today, but there is a lot of work to do!

We have the first MBA Student Association party today in a club in the downtown Toronto area. But I am not at all in the mood to go. There is just too many assignments to be completed.

As time goes by, the work load is increasing. It is not easy to be able to juggle so many tasks. What is happening is that each course has :
  • Group presentation
  • Individual assignment
  • Weekly readings
  • Occasional tests
  • Class participation (mandatory - 20% marks are based on participation)
There is always something going on. If you do not maintain a calendar and look at it often, you shall be in a mess! Remembering all the information is not easy too. Another problem is this - there are some subjects that are pretty easy to understand when you discuss in class. But when it comes to remembering the information and representing them in a test, one may not be able to do that easily.

So it is all about read, read, read, memorize, memorize, memorize !!! Plus it helps if you discuss and implement.

At the start of the MBA program, I was pretty excited about networking and making friends. But now, I feel like just being alone with my books and trying to stuff all that knowledge into my head! Networking is good, but what is the use of networking if one fails in a subject ?! Networking is only useful; after passing the MBA ! I am sure that with time, once there is a routine, a pattern, things shall get better !

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