Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Can a Business School transform you? YES !

Hypothetical question: Can a Business School take a total dumbass, a goof and transform him / her into a genius? The answer is YES !!!

This is because there is a hidden genius within every dumbass that he / she never knew existed ! Its just a matter of waking up that giant and training the giant to excel! Is that even possible? You betcha! While the results are surprising, it is no magic! The trick Biz Schools use is to overload you with work, constantly drill knowledge into your brain, develop your existing skills and positivities, while helping you get rid of your weaknesses and negatitivities. This is possible because the MBA is a very very interactive program. Participation is extremely important. Feedback is important. You are basically LEARNING BY DOING, not by reading alone. You are forced to act, you may fail at first, but then, then you get better with time.

If I had the power, I would make it the law of the land that every person with an undergraduate degree should get an MBA, ha ha :)

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