Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Updated my Linked In profile, feels goooooood :)

Its been only 2 months since I started my MBA program and already, I feel so empowered and enlightened !

A HUGE thanks to our Strategy Professor for giving us so much knowledge and basically for honing us to face the business world. Thanks also to the Strategy subject itself. This is one of the Core subjects of the MBA program and it empowers us to have multiple ready tools to tackle business problems. Strategy course also helped us learn presentation skills and team skills.

The Marketing course has helped too, especially with regards to presentation and writing skills of using Excel spreadsheets and pitching ideas to the boss for the Acid Test. HR & Business law have been excellent supplements to the Strategy course so far, for me. HR (Human Resources) + OB (Organizational Behaviour) certainly helps to become a good manager.

What is also good is that we are learning current topics like Ethics, CSR, diversity, sustainability .While we may not be aware, the MBA program has been very intelligently and very diligently crafted so that we students get the complete and best MBA experience possible (with existing resources, atleast)!

My resume, which used to be pretty vague, looks a lot better now. I had always wanted to feel professional and look professional. While with an undergrad degree, I did have that feeling to some extent, the masters program has certainly given a huge boost, just by the nature of the program, as well as by the excellent teaching at Ryerson University! I am a proud student of the Ted Rogers MBA program :)

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