Saturday, May 14, 2011

About Business Statistics / Quantitative Methods course for the Foundation term.

Currently, MB8002 is not being offered as part of the Ryerson MBA. 

MB8002 is "Quantitative Methods and Info Systems"

However, students have the option to take a Business Statistics course from the Chang school at Ryerson University.

The course code is QMS 102, a Quantitative Methods course. 

QMS 102 is "Business Statistics 1". Details at link below:

I heard that another option is to do CQMS 204 :
CQMS 204 is "Statistics for Management" course. Details about this program are available at the link below:

The cost of the course is $592. There are 3 hour long classes held twice a week, for 6 weeks. 

I am considering taking this course in July from The Chang School. Not confirmed yet. Have to find out if it coincides with my other classes starting in June end. 

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