Monday, May 23, 2011

Connect & Lyryx online software are AWESOME !!!

There is a saying "Half of your life is over before you learn how to live it". Kinda true!

Half my MBA is over and only now, I learn the proper way to study for maximum effectiveness!!! The secret is to constantly do the online assignments on Connect and Lyryx software. Now, I know that many people detest these online software packages and the cost that goes with it. but I believe that benefit are far greater than the costs.

The interactive modes of study make these software packages priceless. I am having great fun studying online and realize that this interactive way of doing assignments, tests and exercises are the best, easiest and most effective way to study!Links for these software / online access:


These are real life savers. I plan to eventually have a collection of ALL subjects of MBA books online (ebooks) and access them from servers of the company rather than carry the files with me where ever I travel.

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