Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Teach me how" vs "Lemme show you how"

Which of the following two sentences do you like more?
(a) Can you please show me how to do this?
(b) Lemme show you how it is done!

This topic arose during a discussion with my classmate today... We were talking about career choices and options after our MBA program is complete. And the discussion was "What should be our line of thought with regards to career choices in the future?"

Should we pursue the path we had already walked on (building on past education and / or experience) or should we go for a totally new career path and look for new challenges / experiences?

From what I have observed from what some of my classmates and seniors in the MBA program have gone through, it is like this:

(a) Can you please show me how to do this?
If you choose a totally new career path, then, the chances are that you shall land an entry level job and shall start with a small salary or a small internship pay. You shall get the joy and experience of learning on the job, but the cost is that you shall be paid peanuts for it. Some of students from previous batch got into jobs that pay about $5000 for a 4 month internship - that is just $1250 a month (for the internship part)

(b) Lemme show you how it is done!
If you choose a career path based on your previous experience, then, the chances are that you shall land a job contract straight away and shall start with a high salary. Some of the students from the previous batch got into full time jobs straight away after completion of their studies, even before getting their MBA degrees! These students shall make more than $7000 a month + benefits + perks. These students bring in immense experience and expertise to the companies where they shall be working.

So the choice is yours:
- learn new skills but make less money or
- continue using existing skill sets and make more money?

Of course, it is important to continually learn new skills at work and through out life. And I am a huge fan of multi tasking and multiple expertise. But at some point, we have to decide how to steer our careers. Remember that saying "Luck / Success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity!"


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