Monday, July 4, 2011

Chang School of Ryerson University - Its like an "All you can eat buffet"!

 Have you ever been to Mandarin or Kings Buffet? Or any other "All you can eat buffet" in some other Chinese or Indian restaurants? You see food all over the tables and you want to eat everything on the list / menu / table. There is so much variety of food, all in one place. All accessible to you.

Chang School of Ryerson University is like that too. It has so many courses to offer to students interested in learning - all in one place! It is like a WalMart or a shopping mall where you can buy some knowledge for yourself and make yourself a smarter person.

It is of so much value to Ryerson University. Of course, it is part of Ryerson U itself. But a hugely important part. The Chang school is a boon to immigrants who have arrived newly in Canada and are all confused, like sheep lost in wilderness (no offense - I am one myself. So I know what I am talking about. I was directionless for a while too, after arrival in Canada. But I soon found the path to success. And with the Chang School and TRSM, I feel right on track.)

There are courses at this school that shall help you customize your training into something you like - you can make your own combo - no questions asked. Just pay the fees and do whatever courses you like. Courses last 6 weeks on average and cost roughly $600 per course. The class strength that I know of, is usually about 50 students in class. It is a great learning environment. No sure where most of the classes are held, but the one that I am attending right now is at the George Vari Engineering School of Ryerson University.

For the students who are planning to start an MBA in the Toronto area a year or so later, my suggestion is "Do not waste your time and postpone everything for later. Get going NOW. Start taking some courses from the Chang School - courses like Statistics, Accounting, Project Management and so on. Cheers!"

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