Monday, July 4, 2011

My brand new shiny memberships: PMI & APICS :)


I am now a member of the PMI as well as the APICS. And have membership for their Toronto, ON chapters as well. If you want more info, duh! please google it :) Ok, buddy, here are the links once again :)

As a student, I get a discount for the fees. For PMI, student fee was $40 and for APICS, it was $25. Booked online using a credit card. I also get regular journals.

Plus I get the awesome opportunity to meet and network with fellow professionals in the field of Project Management and Operations Management. And these are mostly high profile executives managing multi-million dollar projects or companies, mind you! If you wanna go big, you gotta think big, eh? I am not interested in a low profile, low key, low activity job. I want to do some big things in life. Hope I am on the right track :)

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Arash A said...

Which certificate did you get from APICS? Do you live in Canada? if Yes, is it well-recognized by the manufacturers?