Friday, July 8, 2011

Tuition fee deferral / delay: Credit policy at Ryerson.

Ryerson University students are allowed to delay the tuition payments and have some credit on their account as long as they pay on time, with interest, the outstanding dues and as long as their account is in good standing.

That means that once you start your program, if you are short of cash in between or if there is going to be a delay in OSAP or your bank funding or personal funding, you can still start your term with a full course load and complete it. But you shall not receive the final grades and shall not be allowed to go to the next term unless all the past tuition dues have been paid off. 

Details, as per the website. To quote:

"Deferral Fee & Late Fee Service Charges:
Full payment of undergraduate tuition fees for the Fall 2010 / Winter 2011 academic year is due September 10, 2010. Students who choose to defer payment of all or part of their Winter 2011 undergraduate tuition fees until after September 30 will be assessed a $70 Deferral fee. Late fees of 1.25% (16.08% effective annual rate) will be charged on unpaid Fall 2010 undergraduate tuition fees as of September 11, 2010 and on unpaid Winter 2011 undergraduate tuition fees as of January 8, 2011".


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