Monday, July 11, 2011

I had an idea for a Video Blog series today...

I just woke up at 4:30 PM today and had this crazy idea to create a online Video Diary series of my life as an MBA student in Toronto, ON, Canada. I already do record my class presentations and post them on YouTube. Now, I have decided to do up close and personal video clips. I have been using a basic digital camera so far. I may need to use some sophisticated digital video camera and video editing software to do a good job of making video clips.

Here is how I would like my video clips to be:
  • less than 2 minutes each, giving just the summary / important stuff
  • good lighting
  • good sound quality
  • silent background
  • will include events at my Business School as well - parties, get-togethers, seminars etc
  • hope to introduce my classmates and friends as well, through my videos :)
I have a feeling that this shall help other students who are planning to do MBA. Now, I am not an expert on creating videos. And I am not the best MBA student of my class, either (though I am a good student). So, this is not comprehensive or close to perfection. This is just a sincere attempt to portray some of the activities. I am posting my first video now. Hope this new project helps others :) 

Please feel free to comment on the videos and write to me as well. My YouTube account link is :

Remember "TorontoMBA" :)


Toronto, ON, Canada.
11th July, 2011.


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