Friday, September 30, 2011

How networking works and How it worked for me: An anecdote:

#TRSM Workshop on Networking & Business Etiquette 29 September, 2011. Speaker: Kathy Conway (Advisor of Talent Development - McCarthy Tetrault)
Kathy & Kieran spoke during a Workshop on Networking yesterday (organized by Nicole D, Manager, Career Services). Kathy did an experiment. She said, someone ask the attendees a specific question and chances are that he / she shall find a random network in the room. I asked "Does anyone know someone working in a Pharma company?". One girl did. She talked to me after the meeting. She knows the VP at another Pharma company in Toronto and said that she could help me get a job!
Moral of the story: Meet a LOT of people. Talk to a lot of people. Open up. Do not be shy. Make the move. Initiate conversations. Engage people. And you could get what you want. Its worth a try anyway. What do you have to lose, eh?

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