Thursday, October 6, 2011

TRSM as good as Rotman? Ryerson MBA as good as University of Toronto MBA?

Met someone in class yesterday who works for the University of Toronto. He said that Ryerson MBA is awesome and that he was happy to be studying here. He said that he found the quality of classes here to be as good as U of T. And that Ryerson MBA is in no way inferior.

I agree. Ultimately, it is up tp the student to make what he / she wants to make out of the program. I mean, you could be a Harvard MBA, but if you are not motivated enough to excel, you can not expect just the "Harvard" label to keep you afloat, eh?

Also, how do you justify the $75000 that you spend at Rotman? No, I am not into Rotman bashing. And I do agree that Rotman helps you make great networks. And I did apply for and interview for Rotman too and you do have the right to call it a case of sour grapes, if you like.  But all I am saying is that just because we study at TRSM, there is nothing to feel that we do not stand a chance to excel in our careers.

Remember, an MBA will only help you get your FIRST job. After that, it is your performance at your first job that shall help you get your 2nd job. And it is upto YOU to make what you want out of yourself :)

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