Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I wish I had better skills with video making / film making. Would come in handy!

Skill is defined as: "An expertise / ability to do something well based on training or experience".

I have made some YouTube Vlogs (Video-Blogs) already. And I did feature in a LipDub of TRSM, Ryerson University, that I hear is a lot of fun. I have not viewed it yet.  

I wish I had better skills with regards to being both in front of the video camera as well as behind the camera. Media industry skills - what an amazing skill set to have! If a picture can paint a thousand words, a video / movie clip can paint a million. Like Sunjay Gupta, MD, of CNN, I wish I could be a television journalist too, covering Medical news Reporting (in my dreams). I believe that we have not even scratched the surface of communication by the visual medium (video phones have not gone main stream. YouTube was invented only 6 years ago) and there is a great future for the media industry. As more people have cell phones in new growth markets, demand for fresh content is huge. In a country like India, where this phenomenon has taken off, people use downloaded clips on Sim cards rather than live streaming to watch video content. The TV industry has exploded in India. Professionals in other fields work their butts off with no recognition, but eye-candy singers become overnight sensations with one song. I envy the power of the Media / TV industry and those already in it :)

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