Friday, December 9, 2011

Useful job interview tips for MBA students.

Here are some useful interview tips from a book:

Employers make their decisions based on 3 areas relevant to jobs:

1) Qualifications & skills
2) Experience & work background
3) Personality & character

In addition, what matter are:
* Your vision - for development.
* Your added value - what you have extra over other candidates.

The 10 qualities most in demand by employers:
  1. Fkexibility
  2. Helpful & caring attitude to others
  3. Supportive team member
  4. Keenness to take responsibility to organize people or projects
  5. Positive attitude in the face of difficulties or challenges
  6. Enthusiasm for work
  7. Ability to handle change
  8. Looking smart
  9. Continuous learning
  10. Good time-keeping
General tips:
  • You have to convince the employee that you have a lot to offer
  • Convince that you are the right kind of person
  • You have as good a chance as anybody else on day of interview
  • Put yourself in employer's shoes
  • Think of yourself, background & strengths
  • Be prepared to give examples to justify claims you make
  • Research the company
  • Show enthusiam not fear in the interview
  • At the same time, show enthusiasm, not excitement - during the interview
  • Cover your weak spots. Maximize your strengths, not weaknesses.
  • Develop a personal brand / image
  • Make a good first impression
  • Pay attention to appearance - clothing, grooming, hair, accessories, make up, behaviour, eye contact, posture, gesture, behaviour, confidence, (positive) mental attitude,
  • Project yourself as an interesting and valuable person
  • Smile
  • Stay calm during interview. Do not show nervousness.
  • Presentation: plan ideas, arrange material well, explain key points, present with clarity, make an impact, rehearse / practice, do not pack too much information, use visual aids, summarize, keep it simple and direct, enjoy yourself, use humour, make it a fun experience.
  • About previous job - do not talk negatively. Do not be too critical.
  • Be prepared for questions like - How could you have done things better in a previous job?
  • Hobbies & interests. Favorite activity outside of work.
  • Why should we hire you over others? - Prepare for this question very well. 
  • Your future career plans
  •  What is your style of work - as an individual & as a team member
  • Why do you want this job?
  • How do you handle difficult situations?
  • Be yourself during interview. If they think you are a good fit for the culture of the company, they may hire you.
  • Do market yourself well and boast about your skills and achievements. It is normal to do so.
  • Speak normally. Do not show off by using complicated language.
  • Take your time to answer.
  • Apply to many job positions
  • Stages: Planning, Preparation, Confidence & Follow up
  • Project yourself as a fun & social person who would generate positive energy & enthusiasm if hired.  

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