Friday, December 9, 2011

What's up at this time?

Just finished 4 courses this Fall term! Feels great. Did well in the tests. I am hoping to score A grades in some subjects. Have 1 more test left now. After that, I shall be done with this Fall term. This term was not as painful for me, since I did 4 courses and worked only during weekends. Secondly, I was better prepared this time, having been in the program for a while.

Very soon, the focus shall shift to job hunting. Next term (winter term), shall be ALL about job hunting. I am trying hard to find a job that I can start in January 2012, along with my courses. Am keeping fingers crossed.

I have not made a Video blogs lately. I have plans to make many video blogs soon with regards to MBA subjects. I shall talk about the fundamentals to give people a gist of the basic principles of MBA learning.

Will update this post with more info soon...

- Gerry.

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