Monday, January 16, 2012

340 page views per day (in the last 24 hours). Picking up pace...

340 page views today - that is my highest to date in one day! For some reason, Blogger calculates the 24 hour period from 7 PM to 7 PM everyday. If this was the regular, everyday stats, then, there would be 10,000+ views per month.

Now, you may want to know - where do all the visitors to this blog come from? I can not pinpoint exactly WHO is reading my blogs, but I can tell from which country my readers are, from what sources they came to my blog, what was the search engine they used, what operating system, whether it was from a mobile or from a computer browser etc. A lot of my visitors are from Canada, USA, India, Russia, Germany etc. Plus there are readers from many other countries.

A significant number of readers are here from search engine referrals. I am guessing that many return. I have regular readers who read the blog on a regular basis - though I do NOT know who they are. I really can not tell or pinpoint - I do not have the technology for that nor am I interested. So, what started off as a fun thing is slowly becoming a professional thing for me!

I hope to someday soon make this the world's BEST MBA blog! I am sure that this blog of mine is ALREADY within the top 5 Personal MBA blogs in Canada and within the top 50 to 100 personal MBA blogs in the world. I have seen a LOT of MBA blogs and people have indeed done excellent work. But I have seen that a lot of blogs die down after a while. The posts are limited on some other blogs. My blog is among the few that add regular content and abundant MBA related content.

Gerry Som.

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