Monday, January 16, 2012

How blogging has helped me become a better person and a better MBA student!

Now, a lot of people may assume that I am wasting my time blogging. That I am just being silly, putting my thoughts out there. Some may think that I am obsessed with myself or am Narcissistic, LOL. But I know what the truth is :) Here is how blogging has helped me:
  • It has made me better at written English
  • It has helped me learn new words
  • It has helped me make new friends
  • It has helped me learn new topics
  • While attempting to teach others or share knowledge with others, I have learnt many new things myself, since I need to make sure that what I post for public consumption is accurate !!!
  • It has helped me improve my computer skills. - there are things that I can do with Blogger now, that not many others can do, LOL. I am not an expert on Wordpress or any other blog site, but with Blogger, I rock, baby !
  • It has given me online visibility - people write to me by email or Facebook messaging, people call me up and ask questions - which I answer for free, out of good will :)
  • It has enabled me to learn from other blog sites similar to mine
  • It has helped me become better at my MBA learning process.
  • It has helped some of my fellow MBA students, when I have posted useful stuff - and they have been able to make use of some ideas from that stuff to do better on their class work.  
  • More soon...

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