Monday, January 16, 2012

How has blogging helped me understand Business Management better? Or, What has blogging taught me about Entrepreneurship?

You will not believe this, but blogging has taught me a LOT about Business !!!

Details below:
  • TIME LINE: It taught me that it takes time to start something and build on it. Nothing happens overnight.
  • SUCCESS: If readership is a metric of success, then success does not happen in a few days. It took more than a year for this blog to take wings.
  • CONTINUOUS INFLOW: When you build a business, the money keeps rolling in, even when you sleep / are doing nothing. Not with a job - with a job, you ONLY get paid when you work actual hours. But even when I sleep, my blog gets hits. Once I have my business going, the cash inflow shall be regular through leveraging the work done by employees / website etc. The business shall work for me and make money for me!
  • YOU GET BETTER WITH TIME: When you start, you do not know the tricks of the trade. You get better with time. When I started blogging, I did not know all the tools. Now I know more. Same with business. You get better as you go along...
  • OWNERSHIP: In business, you build something that belongs to YOU. It is an asset that stays with you. This blog is mine and whatever I built is mine. In a job, you are doing something for your employer. Yes, you get paid a salary, but all that great work you created now belongs to your boss or to your employer or the corporation that you work for. All your ideas are gone and you have no ownership of them!
  • More soon... time for my coffee break :)))
  • - Gerry.  

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