Thursday, January 5, 2012

#Business-History: MBAs should know companies like a child knows about fruits

I have a theory.

MBA students should know companies very well, just like even a child knows about fruits. Ask someone about a Banana and you shall hear, perhaps "It is yellow ouside, white inside, after you peel the skin. It is long and curved and tastes sweet". But ask any MBA student to describe a major company in detail, and he or she may not know much, unless he / she has done a case study about it or read up out of personal interest. The reason being that comprehensive history or current affairs is NOT given priority in Business Education in all Business Schools. Yes, there are patches of them here and there, but no exhaustive comprehensive coverage. This is where I wish Business History appeared as a compulsary course .

"Unfortunately, Business History is not taught in all MBA programs". Just after I wrote the preceding sentence, I did a Google search and found that Harvard Business School does indeed teach Business History in the program. Yes, a SEPARATE Business History elective. (I am not talking of the Case Method here). Well, I guess a student can educate himself or herself by reading books related to Business History & current affairs. Self help is the best help.

I guess the idea of Business Schools is NOT to teach everything about everything, but rather to teach students enough to graduate as a knowledgable managers. Practically speaking, though, it is NOT possible to teach everything about everything related to Business in Business School.

- Gerry.

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