Thursday, January 5, 2012

Most people like to be FOLLOWERS. They dream of being leaders. But they do NOT lead. Only a few actually go on to be LEADERS.

Most people like to think of themselves of leaders and pioneers someday - in their dreams. However, they are shy / unsure / cautious / afraid / inexperienced to take up leadership. Only a few like to lead. Those that lead are risk takers and bold people. They like the attention and the rewards that leadership brings with it. People like to look at the others at the top and complain. However, there is no body stopping them from reaching the top.

There is a saying in Canada "Only the lead dog gets a change of scenery". Or "Unless you are the lead dog, the scenery never changes". This is with respect to a pack of dogs pulling a sledge. The lead dog is usually the best dog and among the smartest. It gets to see the road ahead. The other dogs only get to see the backside of the dog in front of it. This is the truth in life as well, eh? 

This is not to put down any body. I am trying to inspire myself, in the first place. But I wish to express this - any body can choose to lead. But not every body chooses to. Ultimately, it is upto you! Who do you wanna be? A leader or a follower? :)

- Gerry.

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