Monday, January 2, 2012

Busting the myth: MBAs are NOT know it alls !!! Or rather, not all MBAs are know it alls !

(P.S: The statements here are general. Do not apply to all students. Of course, there are students at both ends of the spectrum. Extremely good ones and some perhaps not. I just wanted to smash the myth that every MBA knows everything - if such a myth does exist at all)

* Prior to starting my Business School, I was under the impression that everyone who has an MBA must be an expert in the field of business and a Guru who can solve all problems. Not true.

* Prior to starting my Medical School, I had imagined that every doctor is able to cure all diseases. Not true.

Just wanted to put it out there! It is not right to expect every MBA graduate to know everything about Business Management. Of course, the marking system is strict. Of course all business schools do their best to ensure that only the well qualified students are gained entry into schools and exit out of schools as graduates after learning the necessary info. But does that ensure knowledge? Unfortunately not.

The MBA program is extremely intense. It is one assignment after another and one test after another, one party after another, one seminar after another, one lecture after another crammed into a series of 3 month terms x times the number of terms a school has. In between the terms are holidays where students head to holiday destinations to relax. Do they really get the time to absorb everything about Business Management? No. Not all the topics are covered in class. A class room is a place where the learnt knowledge is discussed. There is no actual spoon feeding type teaching.

I guess a lot of students learn while on the job - hoping that they get good employers. A lot of it is self learning and teaching. One has to have an active interest in learning and go after it doggedly. And even after one is employed, perhaps he or she develops a specialization in one particular field. I do not think that he / she would know everything.

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- Gerry. 

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