Monday, January 2, 2012

Consulting Services augmentation by Consulting with other Consultants?

Here is an idea:
It is said that there are 2 ways to spread light:
(1) Be the candle that generates the light or
(2) Be the mirror that reflects it.

Analogy: Both the Sun & the moon emit light. Sun generates light; The moon reflects light.

Putting this into practice with regards to Consulting Services, the end goal would be that I have to provide solutions to clients. I could do it either by knowing it all myself or by networking / employing / collaborating with other consultants on a partnership / referral basis. While each consultant has core competencies and specialties, lets be honest, one can not know everything about everything in the business world. And if one does, I doubt how rich that person's social and personal life is :) And how good his team skills are. And how common it is to find such a person. Probability: very low.

Just thinking aloud here. What I mean is that as I work towards getting my Start-up going, I do not have to fear that I do not know everything about Consulting yet (I have not even graduated from my MBA yet :). As long as I am able to put together a team of capable people and get the work done on time and under budget, that is all that should matter :). I do have more than 12 years of experience in the field of Healthcare and I am sure that I can pull it off. Just a matter of time. Will be able to develop the right networks and expertise soon.

- Gerry.

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