Thursday, January 5, 2012

I LOVE Wikipedia. There! I said it :)))

I love Wikipedia. I know that it is taboo to talk about it, especially in a professional environment and in research circles. But screw it! You have to give credit where credit is due. Do not slander Wikipedia - the labour of love of the crowds. Yes, crowd-sourcing is a powerful engine, indeed!

You know what the problem with Wikipedia is? It is like that nice, quiet, simple, non demanding wife. While other sources are like the sexy mistresses. Wikipedia does not get any credit for all the good things it does. It deserves better! They are asking for donations now to keep going. I think Wikipedia deserves some support, people !!!

Any student currently in school knows how much helpful Wikipedia is, in understanding the basic concepts of subject matters. Not only is it written in simple language, it offers a wholistic view and a birds eye view of the subject. Can there be any thing more amazing for some one who just wants to know a few basic points about something ?! :)

This is what I do:
  • I go on wikipedia (usually by Google searching Wiki and the topic)
  • I read the article and understand it
  • I look at the references
  • I read the references and understand them
  • I use the references for citations and references, but NEVER Wikipedia
  • Sweet? Cool? You betcha :)
- Gerry.