Thursday, January 5, 2012

If you build it, they will come ! Here come the advertisers :))) My 1st Advertisement posting on this blog (for free) !

I started this blog
- purely for fun and as a way to :
- document my MBA experience
- educate myself with regards to MBA topics
- share my experiences with others
- educate others who are interested in business management.
- all this for FREE !

- because it makes me happy
- because it helps others who are looking for information and makes them happy
- because it makes me happy to know that others are happy

- there were some unexpected results
- the blog started getting hits
- people started liking the information and leaving comments
- people started writing to me & asking me for opinion / advise regarding MBA in Canada
- I started getting messages from advertisers regarding putting ads on my blog

- this blog was NOT intended to make money
- I am against advertisement on this blog
- even though I spend a lot of time & energy writing this blog (it is NOT easy :)
- but the Marketing team of this company called Nymgo was persistent
- So I decided to give it a shot for free. I am NOT getting paid for this or getting anything in return. This is just a favour. A good deed.
- This is officially my first Ad endorsement. I feel like a celebrity already :))) Next time, I want to be paid, damn it, LOL :)

Nymgo is a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service provider. They offer international calling. Their website is . They have a contest to win one fo 5 plane tickets to fly anywhere in the world. They have some offers and prizes to give away.


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