Thursday, January 5, 2012

Something funny happened! Google Ad post showed the product relevant to my Blog post witin milli seconds !!!!!

This is funny and crazy. As soon as I posted a free ad for a company below, Google Ad banner above immediately showed the same photo adpost relevant to the key words in the blog post below. This is crazy and ridiculously fantastic how Google works! Now I get it!!! Now I know why the ad representative of the company wanted me to write about the company about the blog. She was not eyeing the just 1 post on my blog. She was eyeing the banner as of Google on my blog site, ha ha :) Its all cool. I did learn somewthing from this experience too. If you have an open mind, you shall learn new things everyday :)

If you did not know it, Google serves up ads on its banners relevant to the key words in the content of the written matter on the page. I mean if someone like beer, the ads for beer pop up. If some one likes golf, ads relevant to golf pop up. Very specific.

Google Adwords: People ----> Pay money to google to place their ads
Google Adsense: Google ----> Pays money to people who put up banners on their blogs, videos etc.

Mark my words. Google is like Coca Cola, Walmart and McDonalds. Google is here to stay. Google has become so much a part of our lives that it shall be difficult for it to just disappear. On the other hand, Facebook has NOT succeded in the way Google has. Facebook is a highly overvalued company, in my opinion. As soon as the next big thing is here, Facebook shall be in danger. (Not that I am wishing bad for Facebook. I use Facebook myself and like it.) It is just that I do not see it being "Cool" for ever. Google is utilitarian. Google is everyday life. Facebook is, too. But there are other platforms to communicate - Google+ is here now too. Soon, there will be others.

The next big thing could be around the corner. Or a bunch of teen age geeks could right now, at this very moment be building it in some garage, who knows in the Palo Alto or Stanford area, ha ha ha :)

- Gerry.

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