Friday, January 6, 2012

The Ten Biggest Lies of B-School

From the link:

The Ten Biggest Lies of B-School:
  1. You will be rich
  2. You are smarter than people without an MBA
  3. There is always a right answer
  4. If you have made it this far (to B-school), you are destined to succeed
  5. You know how to "fix" the first few companies you join after B-school
  6. Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) will always tell you what a company is worth.
  7. The "soft" courses (leadership & people management) are least important
  8. You are going to be more creative & entrepreneurial after Business school than before
  9. Your peers will give you lots of tips and insights that will help you in your career
  10. The Ivy League MBAs will be even more successful


My feedback: Nothing is written in stone. It is wrong to generalize. B-school students are smart by virtue of their ambitions, training and the intense academic environment their minds engage in on a daily basis. MBAs are smart. I know. I see them on a daily basis.

- Gerry.


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