Friday, February 10, 2012

Find a good mentor and learn from him / her. It is extremely important.

From the link:

Find a mentor. A good one. We are not talking about having a friend. A mentor. It will make your life MUCH easier. Mentors help you advance in work and life. But don’t wait for someone to take you under his wing. Seek out people who can help you. The first step is to figure out which mentor will best meet your needs.

Mentor (definitions): A wise and trusted counselor and teacher. An adviser. An influential sponsor or supporter. Tutor. Monitor. Preceptor. One who shares knowledge, skills, information and perspective. Teacher. Problem solver. Motivator. Coach. Guide.  

1). The co-mentor: This can be anyone – a colleague, a friend – who needs you as much as you need him. Find a co-mentor if you have a specific skill to learn and something to teach in return.

2). The remote mentor: This is someone outside your organization who can offer objective advice. You may need a remote mentor if you are looking for a fresh perspective and you’ve already exhausted closer resources.

3). The invisible mentor: You don’t have to have a personal relationship with this mentor. You learn from observing and following her example.